Emmanuelle Argyropoulou


Cocoon is a casing spun of insect larvae and especially silkworm,

in which the larvae turns into an adult.

During this stage the larvae is inactive and sessile

(is in no position to move).

I started the photographic documentation of my existential search,

inactive and sessile.

Photo.graphy is the way I have to express myself.

It is a means of exploring the world and first and foremost, myself.

It's my way of achieving balance in my life.


I am making photo.graphs,

because with a photo.graph I can say what I cannot express with words.


I am not interested in the photographic view of the world,

I am interested in the very personal relationship of photography

with my world.


My photographs try desperately to organise

–one by one and all together-

the chaos and complexity of my thoughts, my existence.


When others need to exceed their limits in order to create,

I just need to specify them.

This is my “Stigma”.